One Way to Feed Your Spirit

Donkeys I was in Three Rivers, Michigan just south of Kalamazoo this past weekend visiting my friend, Bill Baltz, a free lance writer for the New York Times. Bill is writing an article on the spiritual nexus around Three Rivers. We toured the focal points of his article including the Hermitage and GilChrist, two great places if your looking for a weekend getaway of solitude, reflection, rest and/or journaling.

Apple Farm is a Jungian retreat center where you can seek counsel with a Spiritual Director who specializes in self realization, dream interpretation, and soul purpose.

We visited St. Gregory's Abbey to experience the daily chants, afternoon tea and peruse their great library which is open to the public 24 hours a day.

I heard stories of hardship and grace from founders of these centers, residents who spoke of soul's purpose, monks who spoke of seeking, and shamans who told stories of healing. Its been a long time since I've been on the receiving end of such great storytelling and have forgotten how spiritually fulfilling it can be to hear of other's journeys. To be reminded that we are all on this journey together and to take comfort and find strength in other's wisdom.

How rejuvenating it can be to simply play the role of the listener. To listen to another and to listen to the silence.

What do you listen to?

Do the words around you drain you of energy or fill you with hope?


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