The What and How of Qigong?

ImageQi" means energy or life force, "Gong" means movement. 

Qigong is the practice of intentional breathing techniques. The belief of many Qigong practitioners is that our blood follows the direction of our breath. Therefore, by intentionally breathing into a specific area of our body we can improve the blood flow to that area.

Internal and External Qigong: What is the Difference

There are various types and styles of Qigong.

Internal Qigong focuses on improving the health of the internal body through improved blood flow through various organs. The 5 Elements Qigong series focuses on the flow of Qi through the 5 main organs of detoxification (Liver, Heart, Pancreas, Lungs and Kidney).

External Qigong focuses on protecting our external energy field (aura).

  • Are you energetically drained by work, family or friends?
  • How do you pack and store energy for a busy work week, a needy friend, or a family gathering?
  • Could your overall energy level use a boost?

External Qigong is the type of Qigong for you!

Resources for Classes, Training, Workshops, and Guided CD's

I have only listed resources that I have personally attended or experienced. There are many more out there so if none of these resonate for you try someone or someplace else. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Internal Qigong Resources: 

Spring Forest Qigong offers guided Qigong CDs (30minute Small Universe CD is my favorite for relaxing neck, head and face tension), six week Webinar series on various aspects of Qigong, workshops and training programs.

Martha Blane hosts week long retreats in Hawaii and California and teaches the 5 Elements and ZBE breathing techniques. She also teaches weekly classes in CA.

From Scratch Wellness offers workshops, group and private classes in 5 Elements, ZBE breathing techniques, and Supreme Science External Qigong series.

External Qigong Resource:

Supreme Science Qigong offers 4 day Qigong intensive workshops for $99 and they are an accredited CEU provider. They offer Qigong DVDs, instructional books and a tab on their website to find a certified instructor in your area.

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