Episode 1: 30 minute Health Podcast Series


From Scratch Wellness is Expanding with Health and Healing through Conversation. 

Listen here to our bimonthly 30 minute Health Podcasts hosted by Comedian/Storyteller Mary Pat Bohan of Jumping the Fence Health. Mary Pat will be interviewing Dr. Stanley on topics related to YOU.


Who knew learning could be this much fun! 

Educational and hilarious at the same time. You won't want to miss an episode with these two creatives. 


Participate in our 30 minute health podcast by emailing your questions, curiosities and personal health successes to marypatbohan@jumpingthefencehealth.com.


Listen here for answers, tidbits and healthy tips to:


Why are almonds helpful for Diabetics?

If eating nuts hurts your jaw here's a solution!!

Enzymes can keep me from bloating and being gassy! What?? Tell me more.

Do YOU know which bean has the most protein? 


Interested in finding a natural solution to your health questions?

What natural therapies are available to you? Why would you want to try them?


Stay tuned and prepare to have your mind blown.



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Meet Jennifer Stanley

Traditional Naturopath & Colon Hydrotherapist

Jennifer Stanley is a board certified Traditional Naturopath, Colon Hydrotherapist, and the founder of From Scratch Wellness, a natural medicine wellness center with two locations in the Chicago area. Jen works with people in her office and around the world (via telephone sessions) to help them overcome health and emotional obstacles using food as medicine.

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