Join Our Guided 5 Day Juice Fast-Holiday Edition

[wpvideo JWaHd4Bg] Dr. Stanley’s Guided 5 Day Holiday Juice Fast

Fast Dates: December 8- 12, 2014

Format: Recipe ebook, Shopping list, Videos and Live Q&A Call

Location: Virtual (accessible to anyone who has internet!)

Course Price: $150.00

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Our super successful 5 Day Juice Fast is now guided by Dr. Jen Stanley! We are pleased to invite you to join us December 8th.

Shed what has weighed you down, and reveal your most radiant self…truly the greatest gift you can give yourself this holiday season!

I do a 5 day juice fast this time every year and I never get sick in the winter. This is the best way to boost your immune system, gain mental clarity, and restore a sense of emotional balance” Dr. Jen Stanley

A 5 day juice fast is the most powerful thing you can do to restructure your body and change your biochemistry. Let Dr. Stanley lead you on this transformational journey. You will be a whole new person, fully ready for the Holidays and beyond!

What our guided juice fast offers:

  • You will receive thorough guidance around what’s needed for a successful fast
  • What liquids to consume & in what quantities
  • A collection of juice recipes specially selected to best support and facilitate your fast
  • a shopping list to make getting ready a cinch
  • How to best store your juices
  • How to deal with hunger and social situations
  • How to read & interpret your body’s shifts and signals throughout the fasting journey
  • What props and practices to employ to maximize the benefits
  • How to accentuate the fasting experience
  • How to move through the fast gracefully, and with ease.

Benefit from the guidance of Dr. Stanley as well as:

  • A recorded pre-fast instructional video with Dr. Stanley
  • Access to a private video library with “how-to” support on managing your body’s shifts and signals during the fast, Qigong breathing techniques, how to skin brush, wash produce properly, which juicer yields the most juice, and many more helpful and supportive tips
  • Bonus videos from Dr. Stanley, to offer you additional support in the first days
  • A private Facebook group should you desire more handheld support and a forum to get your questions answered
  • A 1 hour Q&A live group call hosted by Dr. Stanley for support and interpretation of what your body’s experiencing. Live Q&A Call will be on Wednesday Dec. 10th at 7:30pm

10% off if you cleanse with a friend! *email

What a well executed 5 day juice fast can accomplish:

  • Release of excess weight ,water & gas pressure
  • Restore cells, tissues and bodily fluid to a strong, non-pathogenic state
  • Strengthen and tighten the tissues
  • Fine-tune your physique
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Restore & regenerate the intestinal tract
  • Alleviate chronic illness, and revitalize the organs
  • Boost your digestive system
  • Reveal glowing, youthful skin
  • Elevate the perception through which you see yourself and the world!
  • Expect to feel like a kid again, with sky rocketing energy and more creativity than you will know what to do with.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to be guided step by step through the most transformative 5 days of your life!

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Meet Jennifer Stanley

Traditional Naturopath & Colon Hydrotherapist

Jennifer Stanley is a board certified Traditional Naturopath, Colon Hydrotherapist, and the founder of From Scratch Wellness, a natural medicine wellness center with two locations in the Chicago area. Jen works with people in her office and around the world (via telephone sessions) to help them overcome health and emotional obstacles using food as medicine.

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