Beautiful You, your journey to wellness and impeccable style starts now

Style is something I thought was hard work and took too much time to cultivate, and time was something I didn't feel I had in excess. 

When I first meet Noelle Cellini, owner of the Style Academy,  she talked about style in such simple steps that it put me at ease and made it seem doable.

I immediately signed up for the Core Wardrobe course which I delighted in watching on my train commute home every night.

I would arrive home, go to my closet and test her nightly suggestion and find myself staring in the mirror saying "Shit, she's right!".   

This course has transformed my look by simply knowing how to combine the right elements and where to add "the pop of color". 

It also helped me finally let go of those items that have resided in my closet for far too long. 

Noelle has recently taught me how to seamlessly apply fake eyelashes, give a new look by layering jewelry, and how to turn heads with synthetic bangs.

When I left our session together I literally had two men give me a thumbs up on the street. Now what woman doesn't want more of that in her life?

Welcome to Beautiful You!

Noelle and I have created a 3 month online course providing you with health and fashion essentials that can change your life!

For beauty on the inside I will provide you with:

  • 3 Month personalized nutrition plan
  • 3 online Cooking classes
    • Foods Your Belly Will Love
    • Brunch It Up With Root Veggies
    • Fast & Healthy Lunches On The Go
    • An individual iridology analysis to determine your exact health and detox focus
    • A guided cleanse which may help eliminate joint pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, excess weight and more
    • Recipes to create your own non-toxic medicine cabinet
    • For those who live in the Chicagoland area, you will have the option to participate in the program that includes 4 body work sessions with me.

For beauty on the outside with Noelle, this program includes:

  • Styling ideas and tips for wearing capes that don't make you look like you're living in the Victorian era
  • The right way to wear tights and booties
  • How to layer without adding bulk
  • How to wear jewelry with turtlenecks
  • How to shop for a stylish and warm winter coat
  • New ways to add a scarf to any outfit (silk or cotton), without looking dowdy or too matchy, matchy
  • Fall's Shoe Essentials
  • What to keep in your closet and what to update
  • How to select the right jeans, pants, blazers, skirts, and other core essentials

Your journey to wellness and impeccable style starts now. 

Beautiful You 3 Month Program - $750

Beautiful You In Person 3 Month Program- $1175 This program includes 4 body work sessions with me (colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, craniosacral therapy etc). Available at either of my offices in Saint Charles or Wicker Park in Chicago.

* Both programs include an evening presentation at my office in St. Charles.  I will discuss how to put together a natural medicine cabinet (to relieve a sore throat, headaches, cold sores) and Noelle will discuss leggings, wearing jewelry with turtlenecks,and how to layer.

The evening will be filmed and will be shared within the online course.  

Noelle and I look forward to working with Beautiful You!

This is your chance to end 2016 looking and feeling your best.

Meet Jennifer Stanley

Traditional Naturopath & Colon Hydrotherapist

Jennifer Stanley is a board certified Traditional Naturopath, Colon Hydrotherapist, and the founder of From Scratch Wellness, a natural medicine wellness center with two locations in the Chicago area. Jen works with people in her office and around the world (via telephone sessions) to help them overcome health and emotional obstacles using food as medicine.

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