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3 Steps to Protect Your Health from Your Hobby

3 Steps to Protect Your Health from Your Hobby

Do you have a hobby that you love but may not be good for your health? Whether you enjoy fixing cars, woodworking, running, cycling or jewelry making. Your hobby may be stressing your respiratory health more than you know. For me, I love to paint with pastels. The vivid color in pastels come from cadmium and other toxic metals, and when applied, produce a lot of dust, not so great for my lungs. I have tried other mediums yet nothing intrigues me like the pastels. So despite the health risks, I slap on a face mask, ensure I have good ventilation, take herbal chelation for the heavy metals and love my time painting.

So what can you do naturally to protect yourself?

Meet Jennifer Stanley

Traditional Naturopath & Colon Hydrotherapist

Jennifer Stanley is a board certified Traditional Naturopath, Colon Hydrotherapist, and the founder of From Scratch Wellness, a natural medicine wellness center with two locations in the Chicago area. Jen works with people in her office and around the world (via telephone sessions) to help them overcome health and emotional obstacles using food as medicine.

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