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The New You Program & How to Bust Sugar Cravings


Spring cleanse your body and wardrobe with our New You online program. Which foods help with sugar cravings and what are sugar cravings. 

The Benefits of Oriental Cupping


How to make your own tinctures and the benefits of oriental cupping. Why cupping helps with fluid retention and other self care techniques that work. 


Is What I'm Thinking Giving Me Gas? 


How thoughts, conversations, and habits effect digestion. Added bonus! Mary Pat shares her colon hydrotherapy adventure and how popcorn may be your enemy.  

How to Get Rid Of Mucus 


Ahem!! Tired of (Ahem!) always clearing your throat, Ahem! Eliminate these foods and try these simple DIY techniques to clear up mucus. 


Raw Foods & Cancer


Listen to an interview between Jennifer Stanley and Dr. Kim Dalzell of CancerBusters.org and Nature's Answer to Cancer, about why raw foods may be helpful to cancer patients. Learn what is the importance of live enzymes, why raw foods are so important to a cancer patient, and easy ways to incorporate more raw vegetables into your diet. 


4 Habits to Live A Cancer Free Life


At any given time, everyone has cancer cells in their bodies, so what causes these cells to multiply and thrive? These 4 habits can save your life. 


Seaweed: Superfood for Women


Thyroid, breast and uterine health all require iodine to stay healthy. How eating seaweed protects from cancer, enviromental pollution, and keeps you skinny. 

The 6 Best Herbs for Balancing Hormones


What herbs help balance hormones the best. How do I take herbs? Whether taken as teas, tinctures, creams, salves, or oils, these 6 herbs are among the best. 

Could Infertility Be Protecting You?


Could your body be protecting you from getting pregnant? Would pregnancy threaten your own life? How a strong foundation of cleansing, eating whole foods and healthy habits can improve your fertility chances. 


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