Happy clients who Enjoy feeling more Alive...

"I first heard Dr. Jennifer Stanley speak at an event in Chicago in the fall of 2011. I was extremely impressed by her nutritional knowledge and eagerness to share it. I was so impressed I had my first visit with her a month later. There were many reasons I went in to see Dr. Stanley.

Acid reflux
Painful menses
Foot/leg cramps
Reoccurring headaches
Over weight
Overall I just did not feel well.

At my first visit, Dr. Stanley spent nearly two hours consulting with me. She asked about everything from my health problems to how I spend my free time, my work, etc. I have never had a doctor show so much interest in my life to really try to understand the root causes of my problems.

I started a three-month protocol, which changed my life forever. All of the items listed above are non-existent after less than a year working with her. I feel amazing and am happy to say we have a baby on the way due around May 15th. I will continue to work with Dr. Stanley because of the amazing results I have achieved by following her nutritional protocols. It just feels good to be healthy! I highly recommend Dr. Stanley. Her compassion, professionalism, and knowledge are beyond any doctor I met before her."

- Lisa W
"I have been bothered with heartburn off and on for several years. I watch my diet so I couldn't understand why I had this problem. It was worsening to the point that even when I bent over, I would get another bout of heartburn. Dr. Jennifer used visceral manipulation on me and it totally eliminated the problem. I can bend over and eat whatever I want and no heartburn. I also felt a bit of pressure in my lower lungs, and visceral manipulation eliminated that as well. I feel great, no heartburn, and no drugs. After a session, I even felt more energetic."

- Susan E.
After seeing 2 dear friends who continue to look healthy, vibrant & feel great, I met with Dr. Stanley. At our initial meeting in Nov. 2016, I identified my health concerns, we discussed my hectic life style and the results of my Iridology Examination.

In the 2 short months I have worked with Dr. Jen, I feel remarkably better; increased energy levels, better & more regular sleep as well as resistance to cold & flu family & colleagues are under the weather.

As an active woman experiencing life's changes & cycles, Dr. Stanley has treated me with lymphatic massage therapy, colon hydrotherapy, holistic and natural nutritional remedies without any synthetic meds. or commercial pharmaceuticals. Her targeted work continues to realign and readjust my internal clock so I simply feel better.

Passionate about her mission to help others, Dr. Stanley is down to earth and solution oriented. She is a compassionate professional, a great listener & has a great sense of humor too!

I am truly grateful to Dr. Stanley for her help and will continue to make our work part of my wellness routine. I strongly recommend others who want to feel better, enjoy a healthier life without any commercial medications to work with Dr. Jen.

-Consuelo M.
"Dr. Jennifer Stanley is a breath of fresh air. She is a gifted holistic practitioner whom we are fortunate to have in our midst. Dr. Jen is a role model for every American in that she models what true "health" should be and has the ability to inspire and help others to achieve optimal health. I feel privileged to have such an individual as my physician."

- Virginia A., St. Charles, IL
"In working with Dr. Jennifer Stanley over the past few months, I feel that I have finally arrived at the medical professional who can coordinate my health care. She truly listens to what I say, gives clear directions as to how to deal with health issues, even ones of a long standing nature. She treats causes rather than symptoms and is an outstanding teacher and speaker as I have also attended her various lectures on health and raw fooding. She meets you where you are and helps you do the things which are possible for you at that moment. Finally, she herself is a vibrant, knowledgeable, kind person who lives what she believes and teaches. She inspires you to take better care of yourself."

- Kay P., Barrington, IL