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"Empowering individuals to reclaim their health through natural medicine"

From Scratch Wellness offers naturopathic and nutritional consultations to assist individuals towards reclaiming their health. By addressing the whole person, individuals further understand what has led to their disease process and are provided the tools and information to begin working towards wellness. Focusing on diet, detoxification, and mind/body work: the path towards healing is truly empowering.

Podcast Episode #1
Live a Healthier Life

Live a Healthier Life
Jennifer Stanley is interviewed for a new podcast health series from Jumping the Fence Health!
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7 Day Raw Food Program

Our program provides you with 21 delicious raw food recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with daily snack recipes which are quick and easy.
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Get Your Glow On

You will find over 30 delicious alkalinizing green shake recipes along with a fruit and vegetable index to educate you on the health benefits of specific foods.
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Listen to an interview between Jennifer Stanley and Dr. Kim Dalzell...   Podcast: RAW FOODS AND CANCER