Get Your Glow On - Smoothie Recipe Book (digital ebook)

Sure you know how to make a green smoothie. By now, most of us do.

But which foods fast track you to accomplish your health goals?

Lucky for you, I'm a science geek (and former professional chef) and I've done a ton of research (and recipe experimentation) around how and why certain fruits and vegetables are more powerful than others in terms of your health goals.

For example, cucumbers are high in silicon which make them the rockstar of hair and nail health. Stomach ulcers are eased with a hint of cabbage. Cinnamon is very effective at balancing blood sugar. 

In this gem of a book, you'll get over 30 powerful, delicious, and easy-to-prepare smoothie recipes. You'll also get a vegetable and fruit index that explains how and why these recipes work—based on sound science instead of trendy fads.

If you want to feel lighter and brighter fast, there's no better way than to enjoy a refreshing smoothie every day. This book will teach you everything you need to know to get the most super-nutrients out each sip!

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7-Day Raw Foods Program - Recipe Book (digital ebook)

I know what you're thinking...eating raw foods sounds absolutely bland and sad. Let me assure you, as a former professional chef, I'm picky. Super picky. I simply refuse to eat food that tastes or looks unappealing. I'm also a believer in simplicity. Eating a week's worth of delicious raw foods doesn't require more than 20 ingredients and this recipe book proves it.

If you are ready to break a crummy eating habit, but don't want to follow a fad diet, this book is what you've been looking for. 

I've broken down an easy-to-follow seven day menu plan designed to help you feel better, break your connection to junk food cravings, and most importantly...enjoy the flavor of every satisfying bite.

Your plan comes with simple recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and smoothies for every day of the week!

As a traditional naturopath, I've combined the perfect balance of vegetables, proteins, and fats to promote mental clarity, vibrant energy, and overall wellness!

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